St. Joseph Aspirin

A local plan in the big city.


Encouraging the switch to a Medicare Advantage plan.

Elderplan: AEP

A local plan in the big city.

Walmart: Spring Valley

We needed to clearly differentiate Spring Valley fish oils at the point of sale — the crowded Walmart supplement shelves where many fish oil brands must vie for share.

Miller Value Partners: Brochure

Miller Value Partners needed a view book as bold and unique as their contrarian investment approach.

Snyder’s of Hanover: Pretzel Pieces

We wanted flavor-seeking consumers to think of and reach for SOH Pretzel Pieces instead of other highly flavored snacks, like tortilla or potato chips.

Garry Raim

Partner, Executive Vice President

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Direct Marketing

The GKV team has a highly experienced direct marketing team.

Our experience in this measurable sector of the business stems from the creation of a full service marketing affiliate in 2000, GKV Direct. GKV Direct was merged into Gray Kirk/VanSant Advertising, Inc., in 2003.

Direct mail production management is detail oriented, and effective use of the technique requires strong relationships with list brokers, a reliable set of production suppliers and constant analysis to produce the best results. Our art designers and copywriters are skilled professionals with a rich history of developing direct mail and DRTV campaigns that translate into relevant, motivating communications.

We employ full-time production managers with years of experience managing large-scale, cost-effective direct mail campaigns. We also employ experienced broadcast producers who are adept at producing award-winning brand response television that delivers leads while supporting integrated, multi-channel campaigns.

Today’s digital advertising mediums are in essence direct response vehicles as well. Virtually all of our clients use digital media in one form or another. We believe in evaluating the messaging, the media and the placement (or lists) and in optimizing variables to lower costs while increasing response. Our deep experience provides a solid foundation and base of knowledge that we bring to each of our clients.