Garry Raim

Partner, Executive Vice President

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Brand Inside

Our expression for “company or brand culture” and the experiences you as a company deliver to your customers, employees, communities, and suppliers.

Many brands create great ads and have memorable taglines or brand lines, but they don’t follow it up with great customer experiences–leading to bad reviews and negative perceptions about the company by consumers. Your brand’s promise, position, personality all starts internally–it’s a brand philosophy (mission, vision, and values). If your employees believe in your philosophy and stay true to its standards, it will trickle down to the consumer creating a customer experience you can be proud of.

Building a brand inside is not just a marketing function. Your brand inside, starts with buy-in at the top, in human resources, in the front office, the back office… from everyone. It is all about integrating your brand behavioral expectations into training, performance evaluation, and communications.

We know it seems overwhelming, but it’s not and we can help. GKV has developed a proprietary process to help you build your brand inside.