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Historically, business to government marketing has been an important part of the GKV heritage.

We understand the complexities of marketing in these environments. The need to understand the buying process (which can vary by product) and the multiple layers of decision-makers involved. We also understand that each decision-maker in the buying process has his or her own criteria for making a selection.

To be successful, messages need to be crafted to address each decision-maker’s needs.

Our strategic approach to these challenges is to use appropriate traditional and new media to custom-build a marketing program built to reach the defined target audience.

In most cases, business to business marketing requires a strong lead generation program to capture high quality prospects. This mix might include direct mail, email, digital marketing, telemarketing, promotional events, and vertical trade advertising. Our media team has purchased significant media in many industry verticals, and is very familiar with the sales teams and editorial content of many publications. They are often able to negotiate very favorable terms and create special arrangements.

The goal of any or all of these activities is to acquire actionable response data. That data is typically housed in an effective prospect database, and used by the sales force to move the prospect to the next step in the sales cycle. The most successful programs we develop are those that feature real collaboration between sales and marketing. Ongoing tracking and measurement provides the opportunity to make intelligent marketing decisions and to optimize the investment.